About Us

We are a Private Limited Company registered under the Companies Act of Sri Lanka. It is registered as an International Business Development Company under the name Lanka E Platform. It is a 100% locally owned Sri Lankan company. As an international business development company, we implement technological solutions for your buying and selling needs. We analyze your needs and provide online and offline solutions. Our main objective is to facilitate international trade while connecting the buying and selling needs of the host country.

The name ‘Gewattha” ….

The development of Gewattha.com began in late 2020 when countries around the world imposed the curfew and closed down cities, streets, shops, workplaces due to the deadly coronavirus epidemic. Where all the people were confined to the house or its garden as a result, it could not even go to the neighboring house. The word ‘Gewattha’ is a derivative of this incident. The word ‘Gewattha’ is a single word in the Sinhala language of Sri Lanka which is a combination of the words home (Ge) and garden (Wattha).

Gewattha.com’s key component is to introduce home and backyard products to the local and foreign markets. The seller can start trading from their home or workplace. The benefit is that we promote sellers’ products locally and internationally for free of charge through international marketing channels. All you need to do is add your products with your list of prices in our system, where you will receive your price along with automatic payment records.

Gewattha.Com main ambitions;

  • Introduce hassle-free demand & supply solution
  • Improve Bio & healthy products usage
  • Introduce hygienic & quality products
  • Help to avoid product wastage
  • Introduce the new socio-economic solution
  • Enhance the reliability & confidence between buyer and seller
  • Avoid & ban fake online buyers & suppliers
  • Maintain fair buying and selling business culture

Why are we different from others?

  •  Introducing any country’s local products to the international market.
  • Adopting new technology to the ever-changing business world.
  • Our international staff consists of native English, French, Italian, German and Spanish users.
  • We provide translation services for any product.
  • Since all methods are computerized, use the same rule for everyone.
  • Immediate removal of those who fail to maintain our rules, norms, terms, and conditions, if necessary prohibition.
  • Conducting local workshops and training programs when required.
  • As standardization, we generally follow European standards.
  • Ability to interact with manufacturer, seller, buyer, distributor, and shipper in a single platform.
  • It is a single platform that can put multi-price on a Home, Retail, Wholesale & Export basis.
  • It provides transactions in more than 10 foreign currencies and more than 20 types of internal automated pricing are added to the system.
  • Students, Retired persons, Jobless persons, women can start to earn from home while any person or company can expand their business worldwide.
  • Continue monitoring and adherence to guidelines to ensure that all activities comply with fair business policies.

Our History

Years Of Journeys

Our Business

Prior to starting this business, our business was based on tourism; But with the Covid epidemic looming, we can no longer rely on tourism alone. We have traveled to all parts of the island and understood the practical situation of Sri Lanka.

We thought of starting this international business based on our experience abroad and our experience in dealing with the tourism industry with different people from different countries and languages.

Gewattha.com is our first initiative. It is an international market platform that allows buyers and sellers around the world to connect directly to each other for their buying and selling home-based needs. Anyone can start selling with us from home or a company.

The founder of this business is Mr. Nalaka, who holds a degree from a Sri Lankan University and an M.Sc degree in International Business Development from a French University. He has worked as an International Business Development Manager for a French company operating in 190 countries around the world and his vision is to be the backbone of this business and to greatly expand local products in any country in the international market.

Our business place is based in Sri Lanka and France. Our European business is based in Paris. However, due to the current epidemic, we had to change our business locations and temporarily continue the online. Therefore, customers do not have the opportunity to visit our business premises. We are pleased to announce that the new location will introduce to customers as soon as the epidemic is over. You can only contact us at the moment via the Internet.

Our Invitation

We invite all respectable users to join our digital platform as sellers, buyers, or service providers.

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