We want to give more opportunities to the people living in poverty under our social project objectives. We help you stay strong in various ways and our community goal is to support sustainable social development while bringing social and economic benefits as a whole.

How we can assist;

  • We can create a job for you to stand up alone.
  • We can help you to get more profit from your existing business.
  • We can give you financial adversaries to overcome financial difficulties.
  • We can find local and foreign sponsors for your difficulties.
  • We may give financial or other assistance to overcome your challenges.
  • To expand your business, we can help you to export worldwide.
  • We can offer a free translation service.
  • We can promote your products on our network free of charge.

Who can be qualified

  •  A person who is very determined to become successful in the future.
  • You have to be honest, non stealing, non-cheating and be a satisfactory person with what you get from us.
  • In a Family, the main income earner is in severe illness.
  • The family is having difficulties finding daily foods at least one meal per day.
  • A family abandoned by father, mother, or parents.
  • Family Monthly Income less than 10 000 Rupees.
  • Other Social & Financial factors

How We do

  •  Our assistant will visit your place and take the necessary details & photos. We only visit selected applicant’s places.
  • We create a system to check your success; you need to provide us your latest status after joining us.
  • We evaluate you during the time, our target is 2 years for a person or family. During these 2 years, we will support you.
  • Please note that we cannot support or accept every applicant.
  •  We maintain a follow-up for every beneficiary. We will withdraw the plan once you are successful.

How to reach us

  • You need to send us an email or any social media message with your contact number. If you are aware, please get support from your reliable friend.
  • We will call you and discuss this with you.
  •  If your application is accepted, you need to send us a ‘Certificate of Gramasewaka/ Low income certificate’ mentioning your difficulties. Then our team member visits your place and confirms you as a beneficiary.
Direct Contact Us.

Please send us an email;


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