• Inform Complaint
    1. If you notice a problem with us, our system, buyer or supplier or distributor, or any other third party, you can inform us immediately at complaint@gewattha.com
    2.  If something goes wrong, you ought to contact your provider immediately to provide them an opportunity to re-organize the things in the right manner as soon as you notice the difficulty.
    3.  If your provider is not responding to your issues, you need to send us an email or (social media message using the real account - Only If you don’t know emailing )
    4.  You can’t make any complaint by calling but inform us of the issue in a written way.
    5. To investigate your issue, you have to write us with relevant evidence, voice cuts, recording, messages, photos then we start to investigate and resolve the issue.
  • Damages & Loses
    1. Please note that we as a company are not responsible for the damages, losses, delays, deliveries, product quality, third-party frauds, mistakes, offers, extra costs, repairs, shipping, or distribution charges.
    2. We do not meet all buyers or suppliers individually nor we are not examining every product that they list on our platform.
    3. We believe that everyone read and understood our rules, regulation, standards, our terms, and conditions, etc.
    4. What we do here is simply to provide a technical service, and we are not responsible for products sold by different parties in different backgrounds, we can only remove them from our networks. So you have to take the risk of the product.
    5. We also sell the products which we buy from different suppliers. We try our best to minimize those errors committed by third parties.
  • Resolution
    1. When we investigate your complaint, we will communicate with both sides. We find that after we’ve discussed your case, the provider will acknowledge and will make an offer as a resolution. If you are happy to accept then it can lead to an early resolution.
    2. You will receive an email notification when the user makes a solution or the action taken by us.
    3. To facilitate resolution, we always urge you to communicate only through the internal messaging system, which is a problem-solving priority. We do not care about extracurricular activities and irregularities.
  • Full Evaluation
    • If the complaint is not resolved, we will make a full assessment of the issue. We base our final decisions on reasonable grounds.
    • All of these things are solved online as written problems. It is based on the following criteria. That is,
    1. Identify the problem
    2. Identifying the origin of the error and the person, Investigation of the complaint will take place accordingly.
    3. Inquiries from both parties
    4. Obtaining only corporate evidence to prove.
    5. Comply with our Terms and Conditions and other conditions.
    6. Comply with the law of the land
    7. Business Environmental Usage
    8. Humanitarian conditions
    9. Negotiation of consensus
    10. End the problem

    Assessments can take a long time and some complex matters can take longer than average cases. You can speed up the process by making sure that you give us all the details and evidence as soon as possible.

  • Acceptation
    • Our proposal is the final solution; If both parties agree to the request, you must comply. 
    • If you do not agree, you can take legal action under the seller's country law.
  • Our duty & limitation
    1. We resolve disputes between all parties that are signed up to our terms, conditions, and extra guidelines.
    2. We are here to provide an independent and impartial decision on complaints. In a dispute between two parties, our final solution has to be accepted by each party.
    3. If you are not satisfied with our resolution, you are free to make a file against the third party.
    4. Please note that you can’t make any legal action for us just because of third party’s issues, irregularities, or errors, we have clearly informed in our terms and conditions that we are not responsible for third party’s actions & failures, it is your own risk to deal with third parties.
    5. We emphasize that if you can’t take the risk, you shall not do business on the platform.
    6. We will apologize for any inconvenience that would have happened because of our users.
  • Feedback
    • Feedback is very important once you get a service from another party. Therefore, we ask you to make a review of the service you obtained or offered.
  • Copies
    • Please keep always copies, records, photos, messages, and screenshots, etc as evidence. You need to provide us if any issue arose.
  • Reviews
    • If you are a seller, you need to have an overall 3 ***, 3/5 above rating for a period to be on our platform. If you are unable to maintain it, you may temporarily hold until it improves.
  • Behavior
    1. Regardless of your social, financial, or educational background, you should be mindful of your discipline and behavior when dealing with our platform.
    2. You may not be satisfied with what mistakes are done by others, we urge you to maintain your professionalism, respect, kind words, common sense, moral values ​​, and logical explanation.
    3. Whatever problems arise it must be stopped Assaults, unjustified physical and mental abuse, misconduct, verbal abuse, threats, defamation, blackmail, undue influence, etc. Instead, we strongly urge you to abide by the law.
    4. We always value good words, understanding, trust, honesty, and sincerity.
    5. Please note that we do not allow trade on our network with any of the parties in question.
    6. Regardless of their social background, we will remove people from this platform those who do not conduct good discipline and behavior.
    7.  If you believe that you cannot maintain discipline and behavior within this business network, we request you to leave before doing any business with us.
  • Complaints Assessment
    • We have identified various problems that arise when doing business online. We decide if there is a problem between two parties we will evaluate the following criteria and weighed each of the irregularities and headings at the time the complaints are evaluated. You may not belong to all the following issues, but we weigh what matters relates to you.
    • Failure to do so will result in temporary or permanent termination of business with the company. In addition, there are six instances of prohibition subject to four main points.
    1. Product
    1. Mismatch to the product description
    2. Providing other items in lieu of display items
    3. Product Mixing instead of the required standard
    4. Selling low-quality products without mentioning
    5. Use of counterfeit or expired ingredients.
    6. Selling expired products
    7. Non-standard packaging
    8. Non-hygienic products and places
    9. Lack of health certificates
    10. Selling counterfeit goods
    11. Other
    2. Payment
    1. Payment fraud
    2. No payments
    3. Part-payment
    4. Hidden prices
    5. Ignoring payments
    6. Avoidance of our fees
     3. Supply Services
    1. Poor supply services
    2. Poor distribution
    3. Shipping errors
    4. Logistic damage
    5. Delay errors
    6. Insurance issues
    7. Documentation issues
    8. Variations in products
    9. Return
    10. Cancellation
    4. Behavior
    1. Making Unwanted phone calls.
    2. Writing & talking empty words, obscene, abusive words, Slander, Social media misuse. 
    3. Immorality, professional disrespect, lack of courtesy, tarnish the image
    4. Cheating, attempting to cheat
    5. Illegal activities &  stealing
    6. Physical and mental abuse, sexual harassment
    7. Unwanted influence, bribery, political influence
  • Admin Blocking
    • We deal with you in the hope that you will have good business, fair deals, fair purchases, fair sales and good manners.
    • If you have violated our Terms or Conditions, you, the seller, the buyer or both, may be banned from our network for a period of time or permanently.
    • Your violations are carried out by impartial local or foreign staff members.
    • We will keep a record of all your reports for future reference.
    • You may contact us again using another person's name or ID, and we will ban you again as soon as we become aware of it.

    Our actions limited to; 

    1. Temporarily ban
    2. Life time ban
    3. Block listing for public awareness
    4. Legal action.
  • Blocking Level  
    1. Explain Level Block

    You may do mistake without your knowing, so we explain how to make it right path - 1 Day Block or not

    2. Warning Block

    A temporary ban is issued if you done the same mistake intentionally from time to time. - 3 Days block or not block

    3. 7 Days Block

    If you do not listen to our warning, we will block you 7 days.

    4. 30 Days Block

    We can go up to the 30-day level block if there are significant issues to impose a ban on, even it is done for the first time, you can be blocked.

    5. 1 Year Block

    If you continuously do the same mistake or the issue is medium risky

    6. Lifetime Block

    Even if it happens for the first time, you will be blocked lifetime, which means your issue is highly risky.

    • Cheating, making frauds, illegal activities, Undue influences, threatening to others, stealing, physical attacks, mental attacks, and sexual harassment, etc.
    Complaints AssessmentBlocking Level
    ProductLevel 1 - 6
    PaymentLevel 1 - 6
    LogisticLevel 1 - 6
    BehaviorLevel 4,5,6

    What happens within an active order?

    If you experience an issue during an order, please let us know immediately so we can assist. Once the order is complete or before complete, it will be possible to block the user after or before the completion of a transaction.

    Remain payable

    If you are a blocked user and still there is a payment, which needs to pay by us, we will pay you after taking necessary legal action or company assessment. This may take some time to pay your remaining payments. If there is no legal action, your remaining payments will be paid within 30 Days of the period.


    Violations of our Terms and Conditions will be notified to you by e-mail.

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