We created a digital market platform to connect buyers, sellers, suppliers, importers, and exporters to earn in different ways. Which helps to sell their products, looking for support to enhance their business, expand their existing business into the foreign market, or starting a new business with us. Users may earn from the following ways.

  1. Selling
  2. Re-Selling
  3. Exporting
  4. Delivery
  5. Selling wastage


You can earn revenue by selling your products to our buyers who are individual to large-scale buyers. You can start selling from your home, shop, restaurant, hotel, or factory. As an example, you can make food at home, restaurants, hotels, or factories then put products in our digital store and sell them to buyers.

In addition, you can sell your excess garden fruits, vegetables, grains, flowers, plants, etc. We create the platform for your artistic products as well, it can be drawing, crafting, writing, singing, music, vedio, photography, or any artistic products made by you.

You can target the local & foreign market as well. We select the best product and promote free of charge worldwide. Please refer to our ‘Product guideline’ page for more information.

Re- Selling

You can do buy and re-sell using our platform. You can buy from our listed suppliers, whole-sellers, manufacturers & exporters and resell in your village, town, region or country. In addition, it is good business if you are living abroad and supply other country’s local products to shops, restaurants, hotels, and companies there. Also, re-selling can be helpful for you if you are looking for a part-time job in the country you are living in.


If you want to expand your business into different countries, or if the existing export business seeks to expand new export zones, markets, or new business opportunities, then you can register with us as an exporter. We have developed our system that export prices and processes are available directly to overseas customers. All you need to do is adjust the product & export settings in our system. Another specialty here is that the money is secured until the importer receives the goods and the exporter has the opportunity to process the products after payment. This helps both importer and the exporter to do international business easily without hesitation, we will do the technical intervention for that.

Please note that you must maintain European standard quality and packaging practices for whatever country you are exporting to. Inform the customer through your account about product, rejection, return, indemnity, and other notifications.


Distribution and logistic is one of the key external factors influencing the success of our business, that is to deliver the goods to the right customers on right time. Distribution can be done by 03 parties.

1. Delivery to the customer by the seller himself
2. Distribution by our company.
3. Distribution by a third party.

Here the seller can deliver for free or for a fee, or seller can join us in a distribution network. And, If you are a third party distribution agency, you can let us know your business needs that can expand your distribution business with us.

For more information, email us at logistic@gewattha.com

Selling Wastage

It understands that every product is not possible to sell or you may not need some parts for your production, or there can be product wastage then you need to throw away as wastage. Nevertheless, this wastage may useful for someone who can make products using it but you do not know to whom you may sell. That is why we created an extra link in our platform to sell the wastage. It can also be a reason to minimize waste and environmental damage. What you all need to do is to put an early advertisement on our platform then you can sell that wastage at a reasonable price. If you throw, you will not receive any pence but once joining our platform, you can benefit from wastage as well.

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