About us

About Company

We are Lanka E Platform, a new start up Private Limited company, registered under company act Sri Lanka. We are 100% Sri Lankan Company. We as a  business development company creating a solution for your needs. We analyze your needs and provide online and offline technological solution. Our main target is international market specially Europe while making business solutions in Sri Lanka.

Gewattha.Com main ambitions;

  • Introduce hassle free demand & supply solution
  • Improve Bio & healthy products usage
  • Introduce hygienic & quality products
  • Help to avoid product wastage
  • Introduce new socio-economic solution
  • Enhance the reliability & confident between buyer and seller
  • Avoid fake online buyers & suppliers
  • Maintain fair buying and selling business culture

Why are we different from others?

  • Introducing local products to the international market.
  • Adapting new technology to the ever-changing business world.
  • Our primary international market being the European Union and the United States.
  • Our international staff consists of native English, French, Italian, German and Spanish users.
  • We provide translation services for any product.
  • Since all methods are computerized, use the same rule for everyone.
  • Immediate removal of those who fail to maintain our rules and, if necessary, prohibition.
  • Conducting local workshops and training programs when required. As standardization we generally follow European standards.
  • Ability to interact with manufacturer, seller, buyer, distributor and shipper in a single platform.
  • Continue monitoring and adherence to guidelines to ensure that all activities comply with business policies.

Our history

Years of Journey

Our Business

We realize that any job, any business, or any field is uncertain; therefore, we are launching new business solution as an international business without targeting a single business or market or country. It allows customers in Sri Lanka and around the world to connect each other directly for their buying and selling.

We are a new business and currently have our business location in Sri Lanka and France. Our European business is based in Paris. However, due to the current epidemic, we had to change our business place and temporarily operate through the Internet. Therefore, customers do not have the opportunity to visit our business place. We are pleased to announce that we will be launching a new location to meet our customers as soon as the epidemic is over. You can only contact us through online.

In addition, the current computer system is only for market discovery, access and study, and steps have already been taken to develop a new computer system based on its success.

Before starting this business, our business base was tourism; we travel to all parts of the island and it was very helpful to understand the practical situation of the island. It helps us to understand that Sri Lanka has vast resources to offer worldwide but the mechanism is not well integrated with each other. Having gain foreign experience overseas, dealing with tourism business with different people from different country and different languages we thought this is the best suitable business to start now.

The founder of this business is Nalaka, who holds a Bachelor's Degree from a Sri lankan University and holds an MSc in 'International Business Development' from a French University. Who worked as an International Business Development manager for a French company operating in 190 countries around the world.  His vision is the backbone for the business that helps to expand Sri Lankan products in international markets.


Our Invitation

We invite all good and respectable people irrespective of their social economical educational background to join our digital platform either as a seller or buyer, or both way.

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