• Please follow the steps below to become any seller with us.

# 01 Send A Message

  • If you want to open an account on our platform, send us any written request via email or social media (if you do not know the internet and email).
  • Avoid making requests through fake social media accounts or email addresses.
  • Alternatively, you can send a request using our registration form below.

# 02 Get The Confirmation

  • Once we receive your request, we will evaluate and send you the feedback.
  • If your request is accepted, we will send you the confirmation e-mail.

# 03 Applicant Registration Form

  • Then you need to fill the relevant Registration form and send us.
  • Domestic Seller


  • Corporate Seller


  • We will check the registration form and confirm if everything is correct by e-mail. Do not go to pay for the membership until this section is over.

# 04 Store Registration

  • If your application registration is correct, then it needs to create your store. Here you need to the payment for the membership.
  • To do this, select the following menus from the website.

My Account → Register →  Become a Vendor → Membership → Fill details → Pay for membership.

  • Membership Features


  • Registration


Applicant and Store Registration DONE!

  • Then we will send your store link to start your own business.

#05 Start Your Business

  • Modify your store using the Gewattha Dashboard.
  • Get requests, quotes, orders, and sales from our worldwide buyers.

Video Series About The System

  1. Introduction To Gewattha Business.
  2. Gewattha Business.
  3. Member Registration.
  4. How to Register Seller with OTP.
  5. Dashboard Video.
  6. Create Personal Profile
  7. Create Online Store
  8. Product Guidelines.
  9. Local Distribution And Exports.
  10. Pricing.
  11. Complaints Terms And Conditions.
  12. Full Video










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